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Jess Teasing the girlsThe Hype is a Philadelphia-based, multi-pronged, peer-driven, positive youth development initiative that supports social-skills building among minority adolescents between the ages of 14 and 25. The initiative utilizes a television show (the core of the program), blog site, positive youth development workshops, and internships for high school and college aged students.

The Hype TV Show- focuses on subjects that inform, support and encourage the self-esteem, self-awareness and self-expression needed for success and leadership. As stated in our slogan, The Hype is “TV for, by and about young women”. The hosts and guests on The Hype TV show, as well as bloggers on our website, are young, predominantly African-American, women from Philadelphia, who serve as role models through their thoughtful, articulate conversations, poise and professionalism. Our show can be seen on Philly CAM, Philadelphia’s public access channel on Comcast channel 66 & FIOS 29/30, YouTube (on The Hype TV Show channel), and we will begin broadcasting on the cable network  WMCN TV 69 January 4, 2015. Our TV show and blog site cover topics in the following categories: Health & Wellness, Lifestyles & Relationships, Fashion & Beauty, Current Events and a self-help segment called “Fix Your Own Life.”

THE HYPE TV SHOW WEBSITE (www.thehypetvshow.com) – The website is an interactive, peer-driven blog site featuring daily articles researched, developed, and written by high school and college students. Article topics include commentary on health & wellness, lifestyles & relationships, fashion & beauty, current events, new music, entertainment, employment and educational opportunities (i.e. scholarship information) and  “how to fix your life” segments- tips on overcoming adversity and how to live as your best self. This website reinforces many of the positive youth development-based TV show topics in print media format and serves as a source of holistic health information and education for youth and their caregivers. The website utilizes integrated social sharing buttons (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google +, and Facebook) to increase share ability of information among readers within The Hype’s content and to support program promotion. This website links to the Hype TV Show’s YouTube channel where all the Hype episodes are available for online viewing.

HYPE INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS– These workshops are the second leg of the Hype’s positive youth development model. They reinforce the social-skills building messages embedded in the Hype TV Show and website. The workshop activities are designed to enhance career goal setting skills and strengthen participants’ life and decision-making skills. The workshops are rooted in The Social Cognitive Theory and The Self Efficacy Theory. One complete workshop cycle is composed of three individual 3-hour sessions which will be implemented with the same youth over a seven-day period. Each session will focus on one aspect of positive youth development and will be facilitated by a Hype TV Show co-host and a program facilitator.

INTERNSHIP PROGRAM– The internship program is the third leg of the Hype positive youth development model. Interns are recruited through partnerships with local colleges/universities, word-of-mouth referrals from past program participants, social media and radio advertisements, and internship placement programs. The program provides high school, college and graduate school students the opportunity to work in a professional setting in the fields of social media marketing, journalism, and video production. Our interns are responsible for creating content for our blog site and YouTube Channel, conducting Hype Watch Party discussion groups and assisting with the overall production of The Hype TV Show.

If you would like to communicate with us please email us at TheHypeTVShow@gmail.com

If you would like to submit music for our new artist feature please send 3 pictures, 5 songs, 1 bio and contact information to TheHypeTVShow@gmail.com

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