Healthy Lifestyle & Leadership Programs for Youth and Adults

Healthy Lifestyles & leadershipAttention all youth and adults! There are a few great healthy lifestyle & leadership programs available in Philadelphia.  There are several reasons to participate in these activities. First of all, these programs are free of charge.  They all provide food and monetary incentives for participation. Secondly, these programs are a part of Real Rap Philly an initiative from Public Health management Corporation. Finally, these programs give parents the chance to learn how to discuss hard topics with their kids. The youth also learn how to improve their leadership skills while building healthy lifestyle habits.

There are three programs in which you can participate. Please check out the picture so you can see all the details of each program. You can sign up for each program HERE.


What is Real Rap Philly?

Real Rap Philly (RRP) is a campaign by the Philadelphia Area Sexual Health Initiative at Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC). Real Rap Philly targets youth ages 12 to 24 in the Greater Philadelphia area to get “real” about their sexual health. RRP empowers youth to talk with their partners, parents and peers. Through Real Rap Philly, youth can also find information on youth-friendly STI testing sites, locations offering free condoms, clinical resources, facts about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and teen pregnancy prevention (TPP). Teens can also find programs and events going on in Philadelphia that allow real conversations – “real rap” – about sex. Philadelphia has some of the highest STI infection rates and teen pregnancy rates in the nation, affecting youth ages 12 to 24.

The adult programs also give parents a chance to learn what the youth learn. The healthy lifestyle & leadership programs are available throughout Philly. In addition to travelling around the city, we hold classes at our main office at 1500 Market Street. Some classes will begin at the end of January and some will begin in February. If you would like to sign up for any of our classes CLICK HERE.

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