Top 4 Reasons Why We Cheat

Loyalty is everything. Sometimes it takes a while to find someone you want to claim as your boo or bae. When you find that person you expect loyalty and not cheating. Baby, if they double dip, go behind your back and cheat on you all hell will break loose. Before your blood pressure rises at the thought of infidelity, lets look at why some people cheat

Back in 2012 Psychology Today published an interesting article about the top 8 reasons why people cheat. Check that out for more insight from an older perspective. However, The Hype team talks with young adults all the time so here’s our top 4 reasons why  you say we cheat:

  1. Because We Can– Have you ever done anything just because you thought you could get away with it? Yeah, that concept works for cheating too. Sometimes the reason isn’t deep at all. Some people cheat because there are no consequences for cheating. They know their partner will take them back if they say or do the “right thing.” Word to the wise, if you are not about that “open relationship life” then stop leaving cheating behavior unchecked.
  2. Because We Don’t Want To Feel Tied Down -Yeah, folks are afraid of commitment. Older folks, like mom and grand mom, always say “don’t get so serious so young.” Freedom is everything in your young adult years so why not date different people? The problem is when you tell someone they are your one and only and you don’t really mean it. Now you’re being dishonest and that’s not cool. If you want free agency then be a free agent and let the other person go about their merry way.
  3. Because We’re Mad and Want Revenge- So, yeah, your bae cheated on you, made you mad, did or didn’t do something you wanted them to do so you “get them back” by cheating. Now, you may feel good about this decision at the moment but ultimately it’s not a good look. Revenge cheating isn’t just immature, it’s risky to your health. I’ll say more on that later.
  4. Because We Get Different Things From Different People –Some people just can’t find what they need in one person. There’s a need to have different people fulfill their different desires. This is a playa move. Again, if you want the freedom to date whomever then don’t head down relationship road. You may also want to ask yourself why you need, or want, other people to cater to your every want. You break many hearts on that journey and don’t forget Karma is a…shut you’re mouth!

Remember, if you are sexually active you put yourself at risk for sexually transmitted infections if you do not use protection. The more partners you have, or the more partners your partner has, the greater the risk for infection. Don’t sleep though, you can contract an STI the first time you have sex. So, save the name calling, anyone who has unprotected sex is at risk.

Have a heart to heart talk with your partner about what they want, what they’re doing and where you see the relationship going. Go to the clinic together and get tested.  Relationships are great but they’re work. So, date responsibly.



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