Some Ways To Relieve Stress In Your Life

There are points in your life no matter what where you have your “ups” and “downs” despite age,race,or gender. There are times where you are doing really well and there are times where you doing really bad, and that’s normal right? When you are doing really well and I am not just talking about your physical wellbeing but your mental/emotional wellbeing. When you are doing “good” or “great” you are really happy, moving, dancing, and etc. However, when you are feeling “bad” or “horrible” you are not doing so great, you are moping, slouching, angry, sad, mean, but most importantly you are “STRESSING”. That is definitely what I want to discuss with all women.

I want to discuss some reasons why we need to reduce stress in our lives. As young ambitious adults we tend to pick up many trades,activities,jobs, and hobbies. However, being really stressful and overbearing, which can lead to you completely giving up what you enjoy most. Learning to balance and a way to cope with stress can definitely change your life for the better mentally an emotionally. Below is a list of ways to relieve any stress or tension you may have:


  1. Listen to Music For some people listening to some music may help relieve some tension off of your mind, body, and soul. So it doesn’t hurt to just pop in so ear buds, or turn on a speaker and jam to some of your favorite tunes. It definitely works for me!
  2. Talk to someone I know everyone doesn’t really like to share their business with people or want to stress out the other person because you are feeling weird. However, it is OK they have people out her who are professionals that love to talk and hear about your problems. If you don’t want to talk to a professional definitely try to reach out to a really close friend or family member to help relieve some of that stress and tension.
  3. Taking “10” Take 10 minutes to yourself and breathe, try to just get 10 minutes of silence to yourself at least once or twice a day. If you feel the need to take more go for it, you need to better yourself and to stay in a right state of mind so if yourself. So if you feel the need to take 20 minutes then definitely go for it, remember you are doing this for you!
  4. Take a DAY I know that we have a really busy schedules and that days off are really scarce. However, if you can get that day off take that time to relax and breathe. We are not robots our bodies may function like a machine but we definitely can’t just change a screw to fix it once it’s damaged it could be permanently. So take that time to rest.
  5. Read UP Reading is relaxing especially if you have a good book in hand. That also keeps your mind at a balance so try to find a great book to read and get that imagination going.
  6. Sip that “TEA” When I say sipping tea I am not talking about the Kermit the Frog meme, I am actually talking about real hot tea. Get you a nice cup of tea like camomile, jasmine, or just some herbal tea and relax. Kick your feet up and watch a movie or something.
  7. Travel We have definitely earned some vacation time why not use it. Travel and go see the world that has always been a great way to just relieve any stress or tension. Its always amazing to see what the world has to offer, and explore the different cultures. You only live once make it count.
  8. Exercise Adding this to your daily routines can definitely cut a lot of stress and tension that builds up during the day or the week. That includes Yoga, Running, Gym, and etc.
  9. Eating Right Keeping a balanced diet and keep you healthy. Which is a very vital part of Stress.
  10. Ignore It Sometimes we come across things that are completely out of our control and we can not do anything about it. Which means to let it go things happen we just have to move on.


I hope this helps someone out there who is in desperate need to relieve some stress and tension feel free to check out more articles here


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