How to Rid Yourself of Toxic Friends

As young women we are taught (barely) about toxic friends and how to identify them. Sadly some women learn too late that a Toxic Friendstoxic and or abusive partner isn’t inclusive to just violence. For many of us our friends are a huge support system. We cry together, we laugh together, we shop together, we Netflix and actually chill together, the list goes on.

Given all of this, it’s evident there you’re support system. So what does a woman do when her platonic ride or die is actually a toxic friend?
Just like any relationship…. GET OUT!

It’s easier said than done but you owe it to yourself to provide only the best. A friend should be loyal, trustworthy, understanding, and want your best interest, at the very least. Life is too short and too precious to waste it next to a hater next to you.

In efforts to grow mentally and spiritually we must free ourselves from energy vampires that leave us mentally and eventually physically drained.

Toxic friendships/people are
• overwhelming,
• don’t care about your needs,
• are not flexible,
• don’t value your personal opinions
• take and don’t give
• claim to always be right
• manipulative
The road to cutting off a toxic friend will not be easy and its totally okay if it takes more than one try.
• Accept it may be a process they may try and come back but remember to keep your distance
• BLOCK THEM on all platforms of social media – leaving it open allows the bridge to still exist or from them to bother you.
• Write a letter if you must see them make sure it’s in a public space
• You don’t owe them long explanations, you are your own being continue to state your boundaries

You owe it to yourself to be free sis! Anything that doesn’t fulfill you and make you happy won’t help you grow.


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