It’s blizzard season on the east coast!

urlThe Walmarts have become ghost towns, people have set their Netflix and chill schedules, and students and planning to postpone doing their homework for one more day. Yes, this impending east coast blizzard seems like it’ll be a dream; but what happens to those who do not have basic luxuries? How do the impoverished feel about Old Man Winter’s appearance?
I usually get saddened by the thought of individuals not having proper food or housing in these brutally cold seasons. I mean, Philadelphia has an extremely high homeless population (as evidenced if one becomes a pedestrian for 5 minutes). And although there are a plethora of shelters in the city, I doubt that shelters are anyone’s ideal. When I look at the condition of places like Flint, MI, it’s no secret that America is a nightmare for the poor while being a wonderful home for the wealthy and those with means. And while there is so much that needs to be done–so much that individuals would like to do–to rectify this situation, there’s no insight on what can be done to create change. How can we get the homeless off the street and into adequate housing and professions? How do we answer the call of many of those who once served out country but have now been abandoned? The only option (that seems to be able to start the years-long process of progress) is knocking on the doors of our local politicians.
So as we prep to enjoy the break that this weather might bring, think of those who are less fortunate. Think of what you can do to create a positive local impact in the lives of those around you. And cross your fingers that the weather does not become too intense (for sake of those who don’t perceive inclement weather as a form of labor escape).

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