New Year’s resolutions . . .

. . . a step in the right direction or a waste of everyone’s time?


I ask this not as a pessimist, but as one who has gone to numerous Planet Fitness locations and has had to duck and dodge the gym newcomers who have made weight loss their goal. And, I mean, I’m not opposed to individuals choosing to better themselves—I’m actually all for it! What I could do without is the tendency for people to overdo a New Year’s resolution in early January and fall off the train by the third week. Where’s the consistency? Where’s the dedication?

Instead of being in the gym every day at the top of the year, set small goals you can achieve, and build as time goes by. Instead of being a Scrooge in the beginning of the year and relapsing into a shopping binge come March, try depositing small amounts into your savings at a time (the 52-Week money challenge looks promising). The only thing I advocate for as a New Year’s resolution is the resolution to start small, stay consistent, and build on your goals.


You can do it. See you in the gym during February!

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