The holidays should be a time for tidings of great joy . . .

. . . but the breakup rate around the this time causes anything but glad tidings.


For the past few weeks, my peers have filled my head with how breakups over the holidays are the most cost efficient activities one can partake in. And I mean, it makes sense–the money used for gifts and jewelry can be used to pay a bill, buy great food, or see the new Star Wars film. But what happens when the  wrapping paper is piled high in the dumpster and the holiday season makes way for spring? Do partners come back together? Is love lost and forgotten, or can things be mended?


I’m no relationship expert, but  a breakup over the holidays is a breakup for good. If one can allow finances to destroy a relationship, the relationship wasn’t meant to be. There are so many things couples can do during the holidays that don’t require spending a dime; so breaking up over the winter holiday because it’s “cheaper” sounds like a cover up for hidden intentions.

In the end, love yourself first . . . it’s the best gift you can receive.

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