What’s “The Red Door” and Are You Stuck Behind It?

Plain Talk logoWhat is The Red Door? Is it a metaphor, a clothing store? A good book, film, group or song? Hopefully you are curious about what is and what’s behind this mysterious “Red Door.” Well, unfortunately I won’t give up the tapes just yet, I have to make you wait a few days.

On Friday December 4, 2015 at noon Plain Talk Philly, a STI & pregnancy prevention program for teens, will host another lunchtime chat about being stuck behind “The Red Door.” This week’s chat will be brief but powerful. Please make it a point to check in with us, find out about our free workshops for youth and adults and, of course, find out about this Red Door. This is a conversation you won’t want to miss. You can watch the conversation LIVE on YouTube this Friday at noon just CLICK HERE.

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