Young & Informed: Advocacy’s Impact On Mental Health

Being born in the era of the millennials, we have heard our parents, grandparents and family members tell us stories of growing up during a time of social injustice. Until recently, many believed that issues surrounding race, gender and sexuality were a mere discussion of our past, however it has become a part of our lives as well while playing an important role in the shaping of society.

Understanding what is going on in the world around you is beautiful. But when things in the world are not so pretty or positive, how does this effect our mental health? It’s important to understand the role you would like to play in the world of social injustice, and know that it’s okay for everyone not to be an activist. However, being informed is the important part; finding ways to stay informed are at our finger tips. Watching the news or reading a current event article allow people to explore their intellect. Below are some tips that may assist you in being informed while young:

1) Although we are busy with school, work and our social lives, take time out to watch the news. Our lives are busy but we need the world to function properly in order for us to continue living our day to day lives.
2) Download news apps on your phone and/or follow news stations on social media networks. Our phones are already glued to our hips or eyes, why not be informed while we are scrolling through Instagram or Twitter.
3) Engage yourself and surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same things that you are. Surrounding yourself with other informed individuals will help you hear different viewpoints than your own.

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