Mental Health and Media


Mental health is an important topic that stands taboo in so many communities. Specifically in the black community, issues such as anxiety and depression get swept under the rug with statements like, “You’re not crazy,” “Pray about it,” and,“Just try to relax.” Well, these are all good suggestions, but they do not get to the root issue–the fact that people are struggling and need a way to heal.

I’m glad that there are many African American individuals in the public eye who are using their stories to reduce the stigma around mental illness. Take The Read’s Kid Fury for example. The young podcast host has made a name for himself due to his hilarious commentary on current events and the lives of celebrities. Yet a few weeks ago, Kid Fury’s appeal was centered around his transparency and openness in telling listeners about his mental health struggles. People like Kid Fury are giving mental health and the pursuit of positive mental health a new narrative. We are being shown that mental health is just like physical health—something that should be maintained and cared for; not something that should be ignored.


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