How Running Helped Me Fall in Love

I wasn’t always a runner but I was always a competitor. I only started cross-country running to prepare for my freshman year basketball season, but I soon felt what they call the runners high. It took some time to figure out how to pace myself, but more importantly how to push mysef.

Going into college I took a long (very long) break from running. I put down my shoes and picked up pizza, cookies, really anything that I wanted. Slowly but surely I ended up at 175 pounds the end of my sophomore year of college, that is when I realized I needed a change. 

I realized I had gone to school and walked around campus looking like a complete vagrant (not that there is anything wrong with that) but it wasn’t how I wanted to be seen anymore. At the end of May I changed my unhealthy eating habits and started to be more active and run again. At first, it was absolute hell until it got easier and easier as I got more motivated to be active everyday.

Running helped me fall back in love with myself and my body. I slowly gained more confidence and looked forward to the alone time that running brought me. Running allows your mind to push itself beyond what you thought you could actually do. It also gives your body the movement it needs to release mood enhancing endorphins.


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