3 Reasons Why it’s Okay to Change Up Your Look

As the young fashionistas out there know, fashion is always changing. Having your own style is crucial because it shows the world who you are. Your style is most likely your first impression to the world (no pressure). Sometimes we get caught up in our regular day to day lives and before we realize it one has become stagnant with our look. 

Let me clarify, there is nothing wrong with keeping the same look for long amounts of time or even forever. However, there is nothing wrong with changing your look every once in awhile either. You just might surprise yourself when you do! Here are 3 reasons why you should consider changing up your look:

1. Don’t Be Boring

Waking up with the same old routine, putting on the same make-up techniques, regular bun or ponytail, that gets old after some time. Step outside your box by putting on something you wouldn’t normally wear like a bold lip or try a new hairstyle for the day.

2. It’s Uncomfortable, at First 

You are supposed to do one thing a day that scares you. Changing up your look is rather scary but can also  be rewarding to yourself.

3. Step Up Your Game

Holding yourself to higher standards should always be a priority for the successful young women of today. Your style, wardrobe, or look should be no exception. You don’t have to go out and buy the designer brands that will break your bank but stepping up your game raises the bar for yourself & also other women to step up as well.





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