July Dos & Don’ts

With summer in full swing you still have plenty of time to accomplish what you want this summer! With June over and August approaching sooner then you would like, now is the time to plan your July experiences before school has to start becoming a real thought. Here are just a few July suggestions:

Do work the extra shift. You will need that money after the summer months!

Don’t pass up a day or night at the lake.

Do plan something you wouldn’t normally plan with your friends!

Don’t forget to put on that SPF 30.

Do eat too many s’mores by the fire pit!

Don’t worry about the ‘summer bod.’ Summer is half way over.

Do  sleep in occasionally (never at the lake though).

Don’t forget that summer is the best season for a lot of fruits and veggies, eat up!

Do make time to read a book that you haven’t had a chance to read.

Don’t be a lazy bum. Go outside and do something in the sun!

Do go see that new summer movie.

Don’t forget to buy lemonade from the kids lemonade stand, you did that once too.

Do continue to learn new things.

Don’t forget to make time for summer family outings.


Summer goes by faster & faster the older we get, so make sure you make the most out of this July!

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