Like Mother, Like Daughter

“Oh my gosh, I sound like my mother!”

Growing up I find myself saying those words to myself more often than not.  Being raised in a single parent household, my mom was the only person I had at the end of the day. Like many daughters, I know the drama of mother vs. daughter.

All of the sick days, dance recitals, basketball games, and whatever else was up your sleeve, she was there.  As you grow up, the beliefs and standards that your mom instilled in you starts to shine through in your own character.

Why becoming like your mother is a blessing:

She taught you everything you know“Be nice to your teachers and friends!” was what I heard everyday when leaving her for school. Moms often turn everything into life lessons. What you thought was a lecture was actually just inspirational words to help you be better than the bad action you might have done. Moms teach you to be a good human being.

She works overtime in your life. Accepting every phone call, returning every text, making your favorite food when you come home. She is your number one fan and biggest supporter to whatever goals you may have. Mothers show you how to be hard working.

She keeps her cool. I think we’ve all seen a mother lose it every once in a while. Most times, moms handle whatever comes their way. I can remember times when something unexpected would come up and I would freak out more than my mom! Moms exemplify grace.

Resembling your mom is only one thing: a blessing.



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    I Love this article, and it is so True ! Thanks for a Great Article!!

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