Cavaliers vs. Warriors: 4 Reasons Why Women Should be Excited for the Final Series

Tonight millions of fans and spectators will tune into watch the first NBA Final Series game at 9 p.m. eastern time for the tip-off between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. Whether you enjoy watching sports or not, the NBA Finals are a world-wide phenomenon that you should highly consider being a part of. Here are the top four reasons why women should be excited for the 2015 NBA Finals.

1. The Studs

Regardless of what team you are cheering for or if you even care for the sport, the eye candy on both teams is to die for. What girl doesn’t enjoy watching a heated competition between strong and handsome men?

2. It Makes You a Team Player

Cavaliers or Warriors? This series I’ll be placing my bets on the Cavs, but whatever team you are rooting for makes you a part of something bigger. Being a fan represents and brings out your inner team player and competitor.

3. Brews & Your Crew

The NBA Finals are a huge event! You would be silly if you didn’t call up your friends and plan something for these games.  Your local bar and places like Buffalo Wild Wings, Red Robin, or someone’s house are the perfect spots to get together for the series and a couple rounds of drinks!

4. The Thrill

There is nothing like watching the final minutes of a close game. With the score tied or one team ahead, you watch two teams battle to play defense or get the ball into the hoop. As the surround sound blares, with hands covering eyes and stomach full of knots, you wait in anticipation of the last second shot and won’t be able to relax until the final buzzer.





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