Earth Day!

Earth Day was created in 1970 which was 45 years ago! By the American Senator Gaylord Nelson to make people aware of how important it is to keep our mother earth clean and healthy. On that day people made promises that they would help keep earth clean by helping the environment stay in shape and making positive changes to their community. There are plenty of things to do on this beautiful day to show that you love our mother earth and that you care for it. Today you can help out by just doing small things like picking up litter, recycling, participating in environmental events, spreading the word, and more! Doing those things shows that you care about our environment and community and you would like to see change. There are plenty of events going on around the WORLD, check out the earth day website for more information at Earth day one the most exciting days of the year to help make sure we keep our earth healthy and clean. This is our home at the change starts with us HAPPY EARTH DAY EVERYONE!

This is a video of a flooded park in Austria after the snow finally melted it covered the entire park creating this beautiful scenery.

Also check out the website for more interesting things going on for Earth Day on the website at


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