The Hype On Being Fat Or Broke Airs on TV Tonight

Don’t forget to check out this week’s edition of The Hype TV show when the ladies of The Hype discuss why some people believe it’s easier to lose weight than it is to gain money. We will talk about the perceptions of those who are over weight and those who are under funded and how the opinions change based on gender. We explore everything from fat shaming to broke blaming in this episode.

Tune in TONIGHT at 6pm on Philly CAM, Comcast channel 66/ 966 and FIOS channel 29/30

Watch us on Sunday April 5th at 7pm on WMCN TV 44 You can find WMCN on the following cable providers:

Comcast HD channel 794

Comcast Channel 21

Verizon Channel 19

Verizon HD channel 519

Direct TV Channel 44

DISH Network Channel 44

DISH Network HD Channel 8165

Please check out our Sunday Hangout LIVE online discussion of this topic on Sunday at 7:30pm. You can watch our Google Hangout broadcast RIGHT HERE on The Check out a preview of tonight’s show below, this is what some random people had to say about the topic…

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