You’re Facebook Page Can Live On Forever, If You Let It

Facebook "Get A Life" Picture by Nate Bolt

Have no fear. When you die, your Facebook page will live on forever. Facebook just made it possible for you to set a legacy contact so that when you die, someone, of your choosing, will be able to control certain aspects of your page. However, I see it as our obsession with social media and our social media identities getting a little out of hand.


Is you’re Facebook page really so serious that you can’t, I don’t know, maybe have it deleted when you die? According to Facebook it is. Why should your Facebook profile leave the Earth when you do? Well is doesn’t. For those of you who want a presence on Facebook forever, the legacy contact is definitely the option for you.


To access this secret amenity of the Facebook world, you click on the “security” tab under “settings” and voila. Low and Behold you will see the “Legacy Contact”. You simply type in whoever’s name you want and they will have control over posting, responding to friend requests, and changing your profile images.


So tell me, would you trust your social media reputation in the hands of someone else after you’ve passed away? Or would you rather just carry your page and all its secrets to the grave with you?

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