The Hype: My Story

The Hype “A TV show for,by, and about Young Women” is not just a show for young African-American women but ALL young women between the ages 14 and 25. I am an intern here at The Hype TV show and I have to say I love it so much! I’ve only been here for a couple of months and I have met some great and wonderful people and it is just amazing how comfortable I am with them. I’ve never heard of the Hype until I attended a show tapping.  I discovered the event through the Eventbrite website. I never used Eventbrite before but someone told me about the website so I browsed through and found the The Hype TV Show event listed. The TV show taping was a free event anyone can attend so I got a ticket and went on that Saturday.

Once I got to Philly CAM for The Hype tapping the staff immediately made me feel at home and we played fun games before the tapping started. I got to take a picture with one of the co-hosts, her name is Blush, she was just amazing. When it was time for the show to start they escorted all the young women and gentlemen audience members to the studio. I was a little nervous because I did not know how I was going to look on camera, but I didn’t worry about it because I was too excited to see what “The Hype” was all about. My friend and I were so excited but he was more nervous than excited because he has never been in front of the camera before. We sat directly in the front, and I got to sit right next to the co-host Blush. Before the show started the floor director explained to us what to do when he made specific hand motions, when to silence ourselves , and when it was a good time to ask our questions, make comments or statements. The show was about “How To Have A Healthy Body Image”, and that was what opened my eyes and even though I was already paying attention nothing could distract me. Then the discussion really started to talk about how to take care of your body and physically, mentally, being comfortable in your body , learning to accept the way you look, and if there is something you disagree with about yourself then change it. There is a part of the show where they had audience members take part in the discussion and no one wanted to take part in the discussion guessing they were probably camera-shy. However, I stood up and made my comment and judging from the facial expressions of the hosts and guest hosts of the show they were very pleased with what I had to say, which made me feel good inside, and I was very happy that one, they astounded, and two they also gave feedback to my statement I made in the show. After the show was over the host was complimenting me on my statement that I had made earlier I mean it was mind-blowing, and  that by far was the best day ever for me. At the end of the tapping day I was too excited about the hype so I went to the front desk at Philly CAM and asked the guy who was helping facilitate this event about how I can get involved with The Hype. His name was Akil and he told me to visit the website and get the email address because they were looking for interns soon. The following morning I went on the website sent an email to the email address listed and in less than 24 hours I got an email back saying come in for an interview the next day! I could have run to the top of a mountain and screamed with joy because I got the interview. The next morning came and I was at my interview on time and ready to go, after the interview they informed me that they would let me know if I got the internship. A week later I sent an email asking if I got the job and I did! I was so happy I called everyone in my cellphone and they were even happier than me which made me feel really good. Now I am an intern here at the hype I been here almost 3 months and it already feels like a second home to me, I absolutely love what I do here they are very calm,cool, and collected. I get to work with the host of the show, and pretty much work behind the scenes which is where the real magic happens anyway in my opinion. We have our fun times here the women and men that work here at The Hype are very understanding, thoughtful, and strong-willed people who are willing to listen to anything you have to say. Even though this internship that I have is non-paid I do not ever want to leave. I am very grateful with what I have and I want to say THANK YOU to the hype for inspiring me and help keep me on the right path on the road to success even though I am on that path now I am glad to have resources behind me to help give that extra push.

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