The Fate of Spotify

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Taylor Swift’s new album released just a little over a week ago and has created quite a stir. In it’s first week Swift sold more than 1 million copies of her new album. But the popularity of her music is not the only thing getting people’s attention this week. Taylor Swift decided to pull her entire music collection of the popular music streaming service, Spotify.


Spotify is a popular streaming service that allows listeners to browse their extensive collection of music free of charge, or with a monthly fee to listen without commercials. Currently Spotify has over 10 million paying subscribers, and Spotify uses 70% of their revenue to reimburse musicians. But according to Taylor Swift the re-payment system is not enough to make up for the potential loss in sales. Spotify pays musicians based on the number of streams their songs have. On Spotify’s website the website disclosed last year that each stream earned an artist between 0.006 cents and 0.0084 cents.


There are many skeptics about this payment system, not believing that it compares to the initial sales when an album is released. Many artists have chosen to withhold their album from the streaming service for 3 or more months to allow for sales. Swift argues that had she posted her full album on the streaming service she would probably not have had the huge amount of sales she has had in the past week.


But not only has Taylor Swift withheld just her new album to bump sales, she has completely removed all her music from Spotify. This bold move gives light to her opinion of the streaming service. Swift claims that Spotify is an experiment that she is not willing to take part in.


Spotify is not accepting defeat, releasing a press release that states that they hope Taylor Swift will change her mind and join a music economy that works for everyone. With country artist Jason Aldean following suit, removing his new album “Old Boots, New Dirt” from the streaming service. So the question remains, will other artists follow suit and remove their music or will Spotify and other streaming services continue to thrive?



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