Interstellar Thoughts

If you haven’t ventured to the movie theater yet to see Interstellar, I recommend you stop reading, I don’t want to be responsible for ruining the movie for you.



For those of you who have experienced this great (yet over 2 hour-long) movie, you know how many questions it stirred in your mind after watching it. In the not-too-far-off-in-the-future Earth seen in the movie, you see it failing. Earth has been polluted so much that the people living on it are experiencing famine. As the underground NASA plans an alternative plan for the future, an escape from Earth, it brings about thoughts on how we should be treating our planet.


The movie focused on the need for the people of Earth to return to being caregivers for the land. The idea was that people had moved into a world all about technology and engineering, that the basic concept of farming and the need for food got forgotten. The Earth experienced extreme drought, which led to massive dust storms. Earth then fell into a time of famine and people were dying. This led to the dissolution of the massive technological industry, encouraging people to return to farming. Very few people went on to college and would never be more than a farmer. People need food, and the government decided that space travel was no longer an option (when in reality it continued to go on).


So on my walk home from the movies I thought about something like this happening to the Earth if we continue in our wasteful ways. I wonder if we take seriously the concerns of scientists about pollution and how it impacts our planet. We are a society that loves innovation and the newest greatest thing. So how will this impact the future of this planet? Should we take the advice of those in the future Earth in the movie and focus on the basic needs of life, food and agriculture?


I know the movie is hypothetical and all, but I think it raised some really good questions to how we live. Let us think more about the planet we will be leaving for our children and grandchildren.

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