Being Confident in your Own Skin



Seeing how children view their bodies compared to adults in this video produced by the Jubilee Project, a group of individuals who believe that doing good is contagious, reminds us of how we once thought of ourselves.  Why does growing up mean we have to want to be skinnier, taller, prettier, or just plain different than we are.  Loving yourself doesn’t have mean you don’t exercise or try to eat healthy, but it does mean looking at your motives.  Remember to do these acts to better yourself because you want to.


As these cute kids point out, we can want to have a mermaid tail or wings.  Dare to think like a kid again, be brave enough to say that you are comfortable in your own skin.  So let us stop complaining about our thighs or waistline and start dreaming of flying or swimming in the sea.

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