You CAN Wear That….But, Should You?

I believe every woman should have some “sexy” gear. But here’s the thing: everybody’s definition of sexy is different. While we are all human, some opinions are more right than others, and I believe mine are such opinions! Of course, I’m kidding.


Seriously, every diva ought to have the five items below, and each should fit her in such a way that when she walks in the room, her energy says, “I know you see me, and I feel awesome!”


1. Over-the-Knee Boots 2. Shorts 3. Skinny Jeans 4. Body Dress 5. Halter Top

If you don’t have these items, get a part-time job, and save your change! You must have some clothes that make feel a little flirty. In the same vein, you don’t need to show all of your skin or wear super tight garments to achieve the look or the energy. When you show us EVERYTHING you’re working with, in my not-so-humble opinion, you run the risk of crossing the line from flirty and sexy to ratchet. On the other hand, you can choose to buck societal expectations and pressure, just be aware of your choices.  

Doing it Classier: This boot is simply more classic.   By classic, I mean you can wear it with many things and into many environments and fit in. No matter what, however, it is a sexy boot.

Blahnik OTK

I Wouldn’t; But You’re Grown:  The higher the heel and the higher the platform, the more likely you are to conjure images of strippers.


Doing it Classier:  Show a little leg without trying doing the most. Cute, sexy and confident.

heels and shorts
I wouldn’t; But You’re Grown: I know her cheeks are exposed…at least a little. This outfit will get you noticed.


Doing it classier:  You can wear form-fitting jeans and be attractive. This look really works! You have to pay attention to what works for your body type. Between undergarments that smooth lumps, bumps and rolls while minimizing the appearance of panty lines, you can rock a pair of jeans no matter what your size is.

skinny jeans
I wouldn’t; But You’re Grown:
Picture on the left: These jeans are simply too small. Perhaps the situation could be helped with upper body shapewear. Picture on the right: Should’ve chosen a different cut and the next size up.

muffin_top_jeansno bootie

Doing it classier:  This dress is a cute sexy number and can go on a date or to a club with a change of shoes. It pays to know what looks good on you and building your wardrobe so that you always look good which builds your confidence.

I wouldn’t; But You’re Grown:  This is another “undergarment” and knowing your body type issue. Just because you’re relatively thin, it doesn’t mean that you can pull of just any look.

body dress

Doing it classier:  No matter what you wear, even if it doesn’t look good on you, confidence will help you wear it! I choose this style of halter top because it won’t need constant adjusting which would be distracting. Imagine trying to dance in the shirt below while trying to hold onto your boobs!

I wouldn’t; But You’re Grown:  Have you ever noticed a woman wearing a really short skirt, and she keeps pulling it down? I hate that! If you can’t rock it comfortably, you have to behave like a statue. Honey, just buy a shirt that lets you move freely, no pun intended. It goes without saying that the only way that I’d wear this shirt is under a blazer. Too much skin for me!

halter top 1

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