Nothing but Words, a Dream, and an Old Shiny Pink Typewriter By: Cara Montgomery


A slight brisk air, the sunshine, and fall leaves made for a beautiful day so Tiara, Razz and I had decided to go out and film a few “Word on the Street” videos at the park for The Hype TV Show. As we were networking, my eyes wandered off and stumbled upon a cardboard sign that said “FREE POETRY” written in big capital letters with a black marker. Sitting next to it was a young woman typing on an old shiny pink typewriter with a suit case full of paper right next to her. Being so that I am a poet myself I couldn’t help but to see what the sign was all about. Razz, Tiara, and I walked over to her so that she could film the Word on the Street. But we found much more than a word. We had discovered an entire story.


The young woman told us that her name is Billimarie. She has been traveling throughout different states on and off for three years typing free poetry on her typewriter.  She said that she writes “free poetry for complete strangers in hopes that it brightens peoples’ day…” Billimarie quit her job so that she could do poetry full-time. Throughout her tough times traveling from place to place she can surly find happiness in the fact that she is an inspiration to everyone she meets! Her going for her own aspirations in life with nothing but words, a dream, and an old shiny pink typewriter is a motivation for others to go for their dreams also, no matter how difficult or crazy it may seem.

After reading her a poem of mine and conversing about her story she still typed an original off the top poem for us:

“Three being a number

Fraught with meanings

Beyond our understandings—

Life is being weaved around us, nimble thread individualized

With our own tales, desires, songs.

You are a discovery: Recovering magic from dead scrolls, breathing back a life full of potential.


November 12th 2014”

While we were admiring our new poem Billimarie had written for us, more and more people were gathering around curious about her typewriter and also wanted to share their poetry and talents. And with a crowd of people accumulating around her and her old pink shiny typewriter, singing and poetry brightened the park a little more on that beautiful fall day.

Please visit Billimarie’s Also to view the full interview below:

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