Did Lifetime Disrespect the Late Singer Aaliyah?

Lifetime’s “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B” came out on Saturday November 15 and the Internet was not happy about it. Since news of the movie being in production got out, Lifetime and the producers have been under a lot of criticism—specifically from the family of the late singer Aaliyah who died in 2001.

When the movie was in the works over the summer, Aaliyah’s family didn’t think Lifetime TV was the venue for a movie about Aaliyah’s life. Because of this, they refused to hand over the rights to her music and Zendaya Coleman, the actress who was originally cast to play Aaliyah, dropped out of the movie.

Things got back on track when the network cast Alexandra Shipp but after the premiere on Saturday, fans and friends of the singer were not at all pleased with the movie.

Fans were live tweeting throughout the premiere to express their problems with the film. One of the main issues was the actors that were cast to play Timbaland and Missy Elliot. Using the hashtags #LifetimeBeLike and #LifetimeBiopic, social media fans made fun of the fact that the actors had little to no resemblance to the people they were portraying.






Since the premiere, backlash has only increased and Wendy Williams, an executive producer for the biopic, has come under criticism for her comment saying that whether people loved it or hated it, it was a ratings success. It may have gotten a lot of ratings Wendy but not for the right reasons. Fans have been using the hashtag #AaliyahMovie to come at Wendy Williams and the “disrespect” that Lifetime did to Aaliyah.

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