5 Tips for Keeping Fit this Winter

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Winter is coming already it is getting darker earlier and the mornings are cold enough to make you need a coat. So as fall turns colder and winter will soon be here,the question of how to keep exercising in the cold arises. As much as we would all love to stay snuggled upon the couch and binge watch Netflix, it certainly won’t help keep you physically fit this winter. Give these 5 exercises and nutrition tips a try as the weather worsens.1. Work Out at HomeThis is a great alternative for when it is just too cold to make it to the gym or the idea of exercising outside is just not an option. You can try work out videos found online many of which are free. Try developing a routine for when it is too cold to go outside by doing a mix of cardio and strengthening exercises in the morning before you start your day.


2. Join a sports team

Joining a team can be great motivation to actually leave the house and be active. Look to your local YMCA to see what they offer, and then gather your friends! Look for things like dodge ball tournaments or a dance class. Being accountable to others can really help keep you going!


3. Make Vegetable Soups to Warm you up

Using lots of vegetables to make a soup will not only keep you warm but also it will also provide you with lots of vitamins. Soups are wonderful in the winter and can be a really healthy option. Avoid creamy soups like chowder and cheesy broccoli. Instead focus on using broth and vegetables with some left over chicken.


4. Try Winter Sports

Winter brings along its fair share of activities. Ice-skating is a lot of fun and burns a lot of calories. Maybe a weekend of skiing, a day snow shoeing, or an afternoon building a snowman will appeal to you.  Maybe having a snowball fight is more your style, but whatever you choose to do make sure you have fun doing it!

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