Being Comfortable In Your Own SKIN!!!

I can say that most people in this world have had moments when they did not feel comfortable in their own bodies. Some are so wrapped up in what society considers beautiful that they over look their own value. I have learned that if you are overly concerned about what people think or say about you then you are giving away your power. As long as those people have power over you, they can control You! Learning how to be comfortable with yourself and your appearance can make you a much stronger person. Learn that you are beautiful and that your body is your temple worthy of love and respect. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin, instead of getting plastic surgery and injections so you can look like the next super model. Please know that it is not what is outside that counts it’s what is inside that really matters.  I’ve attached a video below that gives more insight on this issue. Check it out.

To watch the link click here:

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