Who You Are Is Your Family’s Fault, Right?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to ask yourself the question, “who am I?” If you are lucky you will figure out the answer to that pressing question before you begin your own family, settle into your career or, simply, before you die. Keep in mind you are an ever evolving being and you are always changing. As long as you live some part of you will evolve/change; your appearance, point of view, diet, living situation, likes and dislikes etc. Discovering and becoming comfortable with who you are must begin with acknowledging how your family, your upbringing, affects your current self. Your parental units, siblings and extended family have laid a foundation for your personality, good, bad or otherwise.

Take a moment to really think about who you are now. How did you get this way? Take a moment to think about that question but before you answer it check out this special “Let’s Talk” episode of The Hype TV Show where our hosts discuss how family influences our personality. Feel free to have this discussion with your family friends and co-workers and share your thoughts with us.


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