CNN’s Sony Hostin Speaks Up About Police Brutality

Another police brutality video has gone viral. In Hammond, Indiana, police pulled over Lisa Mahone because she and passenger Jamal Jones were not wearing seatbelts. However, a situation that otherwise would have ended in a seatbelt ticket turned into a viral video exposing the Hammond police for smashing the car window and tasing a man, Jamal Jones, whilst children were in the backseat. Police officers are not being sued in what lawyers say was an unjust arrest while Jones are being charged with resisting law enforcement, failure to aid an officer, and not wearing a seatbelt.

This is a timeless tale. It seems every month—every week, there is a new video of police brutality and most of the time, it is a black male or female who is the victim. This video in particular captured my attention again because it was the root of a debate that occurred on CNN between Sony Hostin and Paul Callan.

To sum up the debate, Paul was saying even though the police crossed the line by smashing the window with children in the backseat, the law would back up the police officers and protect them. However, police have a right to ask someone to get out of a vehicle and show identification. On the other hand, Sony as an African American female felt a little differently about the situation. She agreed that the law would back up the police officers but that this issue—a race issue—is a “hazard of being a black person in the United States today” and is a type of racism that has been seen time and time again.

I think Sony brought up something very important and that thing is the constant issue of racism in America. The word racism in general is a very taboo term in our society. People like to turn a blind eye and when issues and events come up that are directly related to race. It seems as though people eyes are just starting to open up and see that racism is not something that is just in our past; it never went away. Racism is still alive and well today and what’s even more amazing is that recognizable people on national TV like Sony Hostin are saying something about it.

So, after watching both videos, what is your opinion on the subject? Even more, what do you think is the next step? This directly affects our generation since we are the future leaders of the world. What needs to be done now to stop killings of unarmed black men, unjust arrests, and flooded prisons of black males?

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