Once Again Urban Outfitters Has Crossed The Line

Will Urban Outfitters ever learn? The controversial clothing company is once again making headlines and it’s not for anything good. The company offered a Kent State University sweatshirt with blood splatter on their website. For those who are unfamiliar, in 1970, the Army National Guard killed four Kent State University students protesting the Vietnam War.

This “coincidence” spiked a huge outrage on social media and officials at Kent State posted a statement expressing their offense about the item. As usual, Urban Outfitters posted an insincere apology on Twitter Monday morning.

It’s not the first time that Urban Outfitters has come under fire for selling items related to anorexia, depression, racial stereotypes, and religious symbols. However, even Zara was bombarded for releasing a children’s pajama set that resembled a Holocaust uniform. So, is this all just a coincidence or are mass clothing companies purposely referencing such things for profit?

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