Beloved Childhood Actor Robin Williams, 63, Has Died

Robin Williams was found dead in his apartment on Monday August 12, 2014. He was 63. It has been reported that the cause of death was suicide. According to his publicist, Williams had been battling severe depression and had spent some time in rehab.

Williams is best known for his roles in “Dead Poets Society”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and “Jumanji” and many others. He won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his portrayal as Dr. Sean Maguirre in “Good Will Hunting.”  A sequel to “Mrs. Doubtfire” was in the works at the time of his death.

In 2010, Williams opened up about his struggle with addiction in an interview with The Guardian and on “Good Morning America.” Last month, he attended a sobriety program at Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center where his publicist reported that he was doing well.

His death shocks his fans around the world as many went to Twitter to express there sorrow and respect. He will be greatly remembered for his comedic personality and wonderful acting that touched all of our hearts.

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