Do You Know What You’re Putting Into Your Skin?

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you’ll need to do some investigating first. The Food and Drug Administration has just sent out a warning that not all tattoo ink is safe. Last month, White and Blue Lion Inc., a tattoo ink company, recalled inks after testing confirmed bacterial contamination in unopened bottles. There has been at least one skin infection linked to the company’s products as well as reports of other infections liked to tattoo inks with similar packaging.

We all know that getting a tattoo comes with a series of risks. Infections like hepatitis, staph, and MRSA can all result from dirty needles and unsanitary environments—which is why it is extremely crucial that when getting a tattoo, you go to a parlor that has regular inspections.

Regardless, this recent warning from the FDA proves that people can get infections in even the cleanest parlors. The ink can carry bacteria, which can spread though the bloodstream. Although the ink bottles have been recalled, there still may be consumers and tattoos artists that still have some contaminated products.

In order to protect yourself from infection, you should ask your tattoo artist if you could see the ink bottles. Some of the recalled bottles have a multicolored Chinese dragon image with black-and-white lettering while some are missing manufacturer information.

And as always, if you do plan on getting a tattoo, make sure you think about it long and hard.

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