How Fluent Are You In Emojis?

There’s been a lot of talk about emojis recently. When new ones are going to be released and what new ones there should be. Emojis have really becoming a thing in itself, which brings me to my point. I was looking at a post on Buzzfeed about thoughts that will make you rethink your existence and came across this:



I know it’s a ridiculous thought that we would revert back to hieroglyphics but it is interesting. When you think about it, today in conversation over text messaging or other forms of social media, we use emojis as a substitute for words or to express emotion. There are even some people who write entire phrases by using emojis. It has become a language—granted, not as extensive as hieroglyphics but it’s just as fluent.

We already know that texting in general is a new form of communication that is its own language separate from English, but now there are emojis, a sort of sub-language. In general it’s an interesting time for language. The English language has morphed since it was first created and it is still changing. This being the case, maybe it is possible that in the future, written English will be a thing of the past.Are emojis the written English of the future?

Take this quiz and find out how fluent you are in emoji

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