Cornrows Are Now A Fashion Statement

Cornrows are back and they are shocking the fashion world. It’s just something so new and fashion forward. It’s amazing. Nevermind the fact that girls in the black community have been getting there hair done like this for years—even decades. So why is it that the fashion world is only just now recognizing this hairstyle and claiming it to be “bold and epic” in the words of Marie Claire.

However, my main question is why are cornrows back as a fashion trend?

There’s no doubt that fashion is completely influenced by different cultures African, Spanish, Italian, French, whatever it is. So cornrows is just one of the things that fashion chose to pick up from African culture and “bring back” (they never left). Also, without a doubt, people are always fascinated with black people’s natural hair and hairstyles. Cue the “Can I touch your hair?” questions.

So this could all just be a part of the kind of fascination our society has with black culture. Not all parts of black culture but I mean things like music, language, fashion, and can I mention dances (Miley Cyrus did not invent twerking). Then again, as usual, maybe I’m looking to deep into it. It’s just a hairstyle right?

Btw, I am not bashing the cornrows trend. I like it.

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