So Are You Going To Ask For My Number Or Nah?

The other day, my friend and I were discussing something that I found to be pretty interesting. She had gone to the club that weekend with a couple of her friends. While she was there, she saw a boy that she completely fell in love with but she was too shy to approach him or say anything to him. This is completely out of character for her. She is extremely outgoing and for her to tell me that she got shy around a guy I was in shock.

When she finally got his attention, he introduced himself but she could barely speak. That was the end of that conversation. Later in the night, before they left, she was telling her friend that she wanted the boy’s number but was to afraid to get it. Her friend being as great as she is then went to the boy and told him that she wanted his number and he gave it to her.

But now this brings up the topic that we were debating. If a boy doesn’t ask for your number, is he not interested or is he afraid to? Also is it “acceptable” for the girl to ask for the guy’s number?

I personally do NOT feel comfortable asking a boy for his number at all. I think that if he doesn’t make the first move, then he obviously isn’t interested. My friend on the other hand said that sometimes boys get shy and are waiting for you to make the first move. Well what are they afraid of? But I guess this can apply to women too.

Times are changing though. Today, a woman can propose to a man, pay for a date, and take on other roles that traditionally have been for men. So asking for a man’s number is no different right? Who knows, maybe it’s just me and my weird friends…what do you think?

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