The “Hot Convict” Gets a Modeling Contract

Do you all remember the “hot convict” Jeremy Meeks that made the girls around the Internet go wild? Well, he’s back in the news because he just recently got offered a modeling contract from Blaze Modelz. Meeks was arrested last month on five weapons charges and one gang charge. His mug shot was released on the Stockton, California Police Department’s Facebook page and received 33,00 “likes” and 10,400 comments. While he is said to be one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area, his high cheekbones and baby blue eyes have still attracted much attention.

I think this really says something about our society. A man who was arrested on gun charges and gang relation is being praised for his good looks. Not only was he arrested on these charges but he is also a documented member of the Northside Gangster Crips. What kind of message does this put out? That regardless of what crimes you commit, it doesn’t matter if you are good looking? There is no doubt that we are a society that praises good looking people but maybe this is taking it too far.

Instead of being fascinated with his looks, we should be interested in his gang affiliation and gun possession. These are issues that have constantly been problems in our community but are being ignored because of this man’s face.

What do you think about the popularity of Jeremy Meeks mug shot? Do you think it says something bad about our society? Or is it just something that will pass?

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