“Teach Her To Be A Woman, Not A Wife”

A friend of mine wrote an article the other day that stuck with me. The article (http://febepoet.wordpress.com/2014/06/28/teach-her-to-be-a-woman-not-a-wife/) was called “Teach Her To A Woman, Not A Wife”. It talked about how we raise girls to aspire to be wives as oppose to being woman first then a wife. The article was very insightful to me. One of my co workers, who is older, says a lot that she thinks that a lot of girls desire to be in a committed relationship very early in life. Think about it, girls are thinking about wedding colors and a family way earlier than males are. Now I know this is not true for all girls, I recognize that times are changing and in some ways I’m very happy about it. But Its something that I’ve always notice but never really took much thought into. But think about it, even at wedding ceremonies have you ever notice that its sometimes stated that “You are now man and wife”? What does that even imply? I have my own opinions but I really want to hear what you all are thinking?


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