Free Summer Meals!!

If you haven’t heard or seen the billboards already, then you should pay attention. This is about free food—for kids and teens that is. The Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger is holding a free summer meals program where more than 1,000 places in Philadelphia will serve free meals to kids and teens 18 and under. No income requirements, registration, or ID is needed to qualify.

The goal of the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger is to build a community where all the people have the food they need to live a healthy life. They connect people to food assistance programs, provide resources to food pantries, and educate the public about solutions to prevent people from going hungry. So that being said, why have they decided to start a free summer meals program? Well, during the school year, students eat either free or reduced lunch at school but when the school year is over, they aren’t receiving that food and lack the nutrition that they need. The summer meals help to ensure that kids have a nutritious meal so that they stay healthy during the summer.

If you would like to sign up for free summer meals or would like to start summer meals in your community, please visit this website

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