June 27th = National Testing Day

Did you know that National HIV Testing Day is in June?  Did you know that the number of new people contracting HIV is going down for every group except Black women ages 25 – 40?  I’m not sure why the issue seems to have fallen off the radar.  Nobody seems to be talking about it much.  In the early 2000s, EVERYBODY was talking about HIV/AIDS; it was more of issue.  Now, we talk about everything from watermelon seeds to obesity more than we talk HIV and AIDS.  Yes there are other issues, but many of them, like obesity, have solutions.  On the other hand, while HIV/AIDS has been around since the early 1980s, no cure has been found for it.  We need to keep talking about it because we can stop people from getting it.  Unlike some diseases, HIV/AIDS is completely preventable.

With this being said, there are lots of activities taking place in the to help keep the conversation about HIV/AIDS going.  This month, there are quite a few events going on to raise awareness of the disease and to motivate people to consider and change the behaviors that put them at risk.  Check out these free events, and you can get tested while you’re there!  Upcoming events include a gospel concert featuring Marvin Sapp, a community cookout, and National Testing Day. People who get tested by June 27th will receive a free ticket to see Grammy Award-Winning artist, Wale, and will be entered into a contest for JayZ and Bey tickets!

Jeremiah Wright spoke at one of the events I attended.  If you remember, Rev. Wright is the controversial preacher whose church President Obama used to attend.  He shared the story of one man who belonged to his church.  When this man learned he was HIV positive, his wife didn’t take it well.  Check out the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Hg_l-jcZFA.   HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WOULD REACT IF YOU WERE HIV+?

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