Get Better Grades And Lower Stress Levels By Doing This Everyday


Two of my sisters are getting married, I have two part time jobs, a 30 hour weekly internship, graduating from college and a whole list of other things that I’ll keep to myself. I’m 23 and I am too busy. We live in a fast paced society that tells us the more that we do and have the better that we are. And that is far from the truth. So recently I’ve decided to slow down and take on something that I have wanted to do for the past 3 years, meditation! Regardless of your religion or beliefs meditation has been shown to have various positive health effects. These include lowering stress, getting better grades and knowing yourself better. So for you all stressful high school/college students, those looking to get better grades or if your want to know yourself here are a few tips on how to get started. If you are religious or would like to really focusing on bettering yourself, reciting scriptures or affirmations would be a great additive! Here a short clip that gives some good starting points on meditation.

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