Rhythm & Roots Friday: Troop VS. The Jackson 5 VS. Drake [VIDEO]

Welcome to the first blog installment to Rhythm & Roots Friday. I did this segment on my radio show Inner City a while back (RIP to my DJ Brother Jamar) but I though it would be great to share it with you here. Today we have Troop vs. The Jackson 5 on All I Do Is Think of You. Some of you may think that Troop originated this song back in 1989, but no, this classic is a remake from 1975 off of The Jackson 5’s Moving Violations album. Producer J Dilla used a sample of  The Jackson 5’s version of the song on the track  Time-Donut Of The Heart in 2006. In 2007 Drake used J Dilla’s version on the song “Where To Now.” Now, you may not remember The Jackson 5’s version of the song but you are probably familiar with Troop and Drake’s renditions. Check out our three Rhythm and Roots examples below (Warning: explicit language on the Drake video). Always remember, if you’re groovin’ to a rhythm, learn about its roots.

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