Carribean Housewives of South Florida


You read the title correctly, a housewives show for Caribbean women. Upon reading about this potential reality I shifted in my seat a bit, worried that this could either go very right or VERY wrong.
There are already a plethora of stereotypes and misunderstandings out there about Caribbean women and creating a reality show about them/us wouldn’t seem like the best idea. However, after reading an article in which the creator of the show was interviewed, I might be a little excited to see this.

As a Haitian American, I already feel that my culture isn’t properly represented in the U.S. Be it filling out an application and it having what seems like all other ethnicities labeled but mine, or people thinking that all Jamaicans and Haitians hate each other, it’s frustrating to know the richness of your but not seeing it shown. That’s why when I read that the creator of this show was Jamaican and created this reality with the same sentiments I was excited to hear someone else say it!

There is a disclaimer though. This potential show is in no way shape or form related to the Bravo series of housewives. Maxine Tulloch, the Jamaican producer, who’s a veteran in the television industry and CEO of Tulloch Media Communications created this show when she saw that “The Real Housewives of Miami” had no Caribbean women in the cast when south Florida is predominantly Caribbean people. Tulloch believes that “if the show gets picked up it will actually help Caribbeans earn the accolades they deserve in the United States.” In the line up she has Jamaicans, Dominicans, Haitians, a Grenadian and Trinidadian as housewives. You won’t be seeing any fist fighting but you will get a glimpse of the similarities and differences of the cultures within the Caribbean diaspora. Tulloch also wants the audience to experience how these women’s culture affect the way the deal with life experiences such as marital issues, suicide in the family and the immigration process.

If this show gets picked up you will be seeing a lot more of these women as they hope to expand the franchise with things like cookbooks to help differentiate the cultures. Check out more of this article at

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