Transformation Makeup: Deception or Not?


I recently have been seeing a lot of articles dealing with what I call transformation makeup. Ladies, I know most of us like to wear makeup to enhance our features. A little mascara, eye shadow and foundation for even complexion but when does a little go to far?

Makeup can do miraculous things with tools such as contouring and highlighting. When done meticulously you can change the appearance of your facial features. Recently, there has been uproar about whether makeup that transforms the natural look of a person face is deceptive or not. There was even recently a slightly related story in which a woman paid over $100,000 to get cosmetic surgery done (see link below). She got married and had a child, and was later sued and divorced by her husband. Why? He did not believe the child was his because the child was so “ugly”. When he found out what the woman had done he sued her and won. Though many females don’t just have $100K lying around for cosmetic surgery sometimes I feel like we do the same with makeup.

Below you will find a photo from a Russian makeup artist who took average looking females and transformed them into “supermodels”. However this raises a lot of questions. Is it okay to wear makeup that makes you look like an entirely different person on a daily basis? Is that deception? Should your partner have the right to break up with you because of it? I am not against makeup but I believe that its important to consider what we are putting on and why we are putting in on? Also are we working on ourselves or just putting on makeup (i.e are we just wearing foundation everyday or are we working on obtain an even skin tone while we are wearing makeup) because if we don’t we just become slaves to the product? Let me know what you think, comment below.

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