Turning “Gurl Power” Into a Business


West Philadelphia resident Tanya Morris dedicates herself to helping numerous entrepreneurs make their dreams a success by coaching them through personal and business development. A motivational speaker, author, and self-proclaimed designer herself, she had no problem helping Samia Young, another Philadelphia native, pursue her t-shirt business.

“Gurlification”, the name of Young’s t-shirt line, is designed to inspire girls to be more lady-like. The customized shirts contain lessons and rules to guide young women such as “think pretty, act pretty” and “always be a lady”. Starting out as just an idea, Young credits her mentor, Morris, as the push she needed to make it happen. Gurlification had its launch last April and growing in it’s success. Young states, “I’m not perfect, but with Tanya in my life I’m growing”.

It’s awesome to see a successful woman reach out and help young women in her community make their own dreams a reality. And it’s even more awesome to see a young woman go after what she wants while spreading a positive message. Both Tanya Morris and Samia Young are inspirational women making big things happen.


Check out Samia’s website: http://www.gurlification.com/index.html

photo cred: http://www.phillytrib.com/westsouthwestmetroarticles/item/11150-‘gurlification’-aims-to-outfit,-inspire-young-women.html

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