Look good by “Doing it Yourself!”

This year has been all about the funky, quirky look. Seems like just about anything can be considered fashionable, which can be great! You can mix n’ match and still look stylish. But not everyone can afford to buy items regularly and look cool. So, for those of us who are looking for a cost efficient way to make a fashion statement, I have found some pretty neat “do it yourself” methods to use. Not only will this method grab attention, but they’ll also give you a unique style!

DIY Clutch

Find a plain, basic clutch to your liking. Grab some pins, buttons, studs, and/or rhinestones and super-glue away! Let it sit and dry for a few hours (overnight is ideal). And there you have it, a personalized clutch that you designed yourself!


DIY Matte Nails

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